Friday, January 2, 2015

Another Goal for 2015

My aim is to be true to my craft - give it the pride and honor it deserves.  Maybe if I do that, other people will, too.

I know that I really have no one to blame - I do it to myself.  I belittle/undervalue my tatting.  I don't mean under-price it (although my husband will tell you that I under-price it!).  And it's not that I don't appreciate the gift or talent that it takes to make tatted lace.  I do, I know how long it takes to work up one item.  And I know just how much thought goes into each item I make.  I don't just tat an item and give it to anyone.  I try to find the "right" piece to fit the person I have in mind.  Yet, I find myself doing the same thing over and over....when I gift an item to someone I almost always say, "I know it isn't much, but...."

It's a lie!  It isn't "not much".  It's A LOT!  A lot of thought and planning went into that piece you're holding.  A lot of time and energy, a lot of love and prayer.  It's not just a 'whip it up' kind of thing.  I worked on that piece with you in mind.  I did it purposefully for you, with you in mind, because I care.  IT IS A LOT.... it isn't, and never will be, "not much".

Whether it is a commissioned piece or a piece I have already made - every single piece is thought-out, thought over, and worked on with dedication, love, attention, concern, and care.  I may shrug it off as "nothing", but trust me.... it's definitely SOMETHING!  Tatting is not a gag gift, not a last minute "OH I forgot to buy you something" gift.  It's an "I thought enough of you to share a bit of myself" kind of gift and don't you forget it!  Don't let me cheapen it - and don't look down on it because it's not "first class" or "expensive".  I'll tell you now, if I told you how much it would cost if I priced it like retail stores would, you'd encase it in unbreakable glass and put it in a museum quality display case! :-)

So, if/when you get a handmade gift - think about it, that person who made that for you put a lot of thought into that gift.  They are showing you just how much you mean to them.  You are worth more than just a thoughtless purchase - you are worth time to craft a special and unique item.

At least that's the case with my tatting.