Sunday, December 28, 2014

New Goal for 2015

I have a terrible confession to make:  I am a bad blogger!  I know, total shocker, but total truth!!  I almost always forget to take photos of my tatting to post in my blog!  I am going to try better in 2015!  I promise!

Also, for 2015, I have decided to really focus on "small" projects.  Don't get me wrong - I love tatting lace by the yard and doilies, but I think I'll be working mainly on Christmas Ornaments and bookmarks.  I will be working toward a few Holiday Shows for the 2015 Christmas Season.  That means lots of tatting - 1000's of items - and it means being selective on what I tat - not tatting 100's of patterns, but selecting 20 - 50 and working those up.

Will I not tat anything else during the year?  I will probably tat some lace by the yard from time to time, but my main focus will be Christmas.  Being from South GA it's going to be nice to have snow year round! :-)

Wish me luck!  Oh, and keep hoping I will remember to photograph my progress!  Maybe a few helpful reminders won't hurt! ;-)

Happy Tatting to All, and to All Good Threads!