Friday, September 5, 2014

It's a Blizzard!

I have been tatting through some of my snowflake patterns.  I have discovered I have well over 100 patterns for snowflakes and stars that I have never tatted!  Imagine, having that many patterns and most of them are new-to-me!

I thought it was about time to fix that - and so I began.  I've only tatted 10 so far - but I will be tatting up more in the coming weeks.

Here's what I have so far!

I began with Vida Sunderman's  "Tatted Snowflakes" pattern book.

This snowflake is "Elegant Snowflake" found on page 10/11.

This snowflake is "Trefoil Snowflake" page 10/11

The "Ruffle-Edged Snowflake" page 11

The "Minaret Snowflake" page 12

The "Ribbon-Floss Snowflake" page 12

The "Tiny Snowflake" page 12

The "Ruffled-Star Snowflake" page 13

The "Flower Snowflake" page 13

This is not in the book.  I found this on Joelle Paulson's blog.  It is "Twinkle Twinkle"

This was inspired from Joelle Paulson's - "December Motif" -

More snowflakes to come!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My Obsession

Ok, yes, I admit it, I am addicted to tatting shuttles!  But to go even further, I am Boye Crazy!

I simply adore the "old" plastic post Boye shuttles.  (The ones made in CHICAGO - not CHINA.)  I learned to tat using a red plastic CHICAGO Boye and I have some (many) that I have been grabbing every chance I get.  I have some of the CHINA made ones, but they are cheap, cheap, cheap!  Thicker shuttles but made of much thinner plastic.  They are so badly made I hate that they are using the name "Boye"!  It's rather disgraceful to have such shoddy workmanship using the name of such a beautiful piece of tatting equipment.  As I type this - I have 11 new CHICAGO shuttles winging their way to me!  I am super excited!

While moaning and groaning about the "other" Boyes - I have found the Moonlit shuttles from Handy Hands!  Now, I have to confess these are really nice!  I am using them more and more - and plan on buying a few extra.  After all, one can never have enough shuttles, right?!  My husband doesn't understand that - he thinks one or two is all a gal needs! (Really!)  Recently I found a new friend on Facebook that has told me she has over 600!  I am in true awe of her - and truly want to know just how she managed to collect that many - and how did she convince her husband!!?!

I am almost as addicted to thread as I am shuttles.  One of the problems is I live in an area where Size 10 crochet is just about all you can find - unless you want sewing thread or yarn.  So, I have mainly worked with Size 10.  I hesitate to purchase much smaller thread because I am a tight tatter and have been known to snap Size 30 - so I really shy away from using sewing thread or embroidery thread.  I've been craving some Lizbeth thread from Handy Hands - but every time I go to their site to buy some, I get distracted by shuttles!

Oh, the choices we must make to ply our craft!  Thread/Shuttle Shuttle/Thread.... I reason with myself that I can always use Size 10 thread - but finding tatting shuttles on the shelves of nearby stores is almost unheard of!  Sure, we have a few stores within a 50 mile radius that carry Clover shuttles, but while I like them, they are mainly only used to work up a quick bracelet or small motif - and very rarely at that!  Now I did break down and purchase a set of the Large Clovers - and I like them a bit better than the small ones; mainly because they hold much more thread and feel more comfortable in my hands than the smaller ones.  Of course, I've neutered one of the picks after I stabbed myself under the fingernail!

I'd much rather be tatting than sitting at work - or anywhere else!  When I'm at work, I plan what to tat. Every thing I see I lay out a tatting design in my head!  Oh!  There's a lamp across the room that has this little design and I can just about see it tatted up!  And the chair back would make an awesome pendant for a necklace - or even a Christmas ornament!

Well,  off to write up the design (maybe) before it leaves my head!