Wednesday, August 6, 2014

How We Tat

Apparently I use the "slip & slide" tatting technique/method.  New term for me!  I guess I just assumed that every tatter tatted the same way....Hold shuttle thread up with fingers - using index finger and thumb of shuttle hand to pass the shuttle back and forth - the shuttle passes under shuttle thread but over core thread, then under core thread.  Pull tight - loosen tension on core hand to flip stitch - pull tighter.  THEN, shuttle hand holds shuttle thread down, shuttle passes under core thread and back through shuttle thread... Well, I was wrong to assume that!  I have since learned that not only are there various ways to tat, there are various ways to hold the thread.

I was taught to hold my thread between my index finger and my thumb, run it around the back of my hand past all fingers, bring it up on front of my hand and pinch it between thumb and index finger.   I have watched videos showing the thread held the same way except they skipped the pinky - leaving it free.  I've seen where some have run from thumb down around finger up behind the hand and they tat into the palm of their hand instead of between their fingers!

Of course, all of this appears awkward to me and somewhat painful to watch.  But I guess it's because I learned this way and it feels natural and normal to me.

I'm not sure if there is a way to catalog all of the types/ways/techniques of holding the thread, the shuttle, and how to make the stitch, but I'd be interested in seeing just how many combinations there are!  Do they have names or terms?

What I have witnessed first hand is... it doesn't matter what technique you use, it's still tatting, and it's still beautiful!

Doesn't matter how you tat - as long as you tat!

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